Fungal Nail Infection Causes And Prevention

There are many ways in which a fungal nail infection is able to occur. One of the most effective ways to prevent it from happening is to learn the things that will cause it. Fungi is a microscopic organism that does not require the light from the sun in order to survive. In fact it is known that this organism thrives on wet, dark places.

There are some types of fungi that are able to provide benefits – but most will cause infections and illnesses in people. The fungi dermatophytes will cause nail fungus infections along with molds and yeasts. Each of these things are able to live in warm and moist environments and are able to attack your skin through small cuts in the skin or between the space in the nail and the nail bed.

This infection is more commonly found in toenails because they are constantly being covered by your shoes where it is dark. Toes also have a lower amount of blood circulation when compared to the fingers. This makes it difficult for the immune system to known when there is an infection and to get rid of it.


It is important that you take the necessary steps to learn how to prevent this infection from affecting both you and your loved ones. Below is a list of risks and preventive steps that will help to keep your feet and hands safe from an infection.

  • Tight shoes will force your toes together and allow heat and moisture to become trapped.
  • Exercising can cause trauma which will allow the fungi – hyponychium – to invade the body and reoccur.
  • Taking communal showers will expose your feet to the fungi.
  • Sweating excessively or working in a humid environment will allow the fungi to grow.
  • Having a type of skin condition like psoriasis will put you at risk for an infection.
  • Having a nail injury or a cut on your foot will allow the fungi to invade your body.
  • Having an infection existing in your body like diabetes or AIDS will weaken your immune system and leave your body vulnerable to fungal infections.